International Restaurants In Costa Rica

by admin on May 15, 2012

Costa Rica is surely not known for it’s rich and spicy foods or it’s assortment of International cuisine. In general the dining experience while traveling in this country can be a bit more of a chore than a pleasure if your not careful. For those of us that live here we have found that it just takes a little research and planning to make for a wonderful meal and in some cases a great experience.

Chinese food is found in almost every town and city within the country. Many of these restaurants are owned by a Chinese person and sometimes even their family works with them. The majority of them are just fast food quality with a lot of low quality ingredients. They will do in a pinch when your tired of Tico food, but not something you will write home about.  Don Wang is located in San Jose and has a good selection on the menu of some delicious main courses and an assortment of appetizers.

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